The financial challenge will represent a decision-making process based on numerical data. Participants will have to interpret numbers to understand advantages and disadvantages of a deal and come up with reasoning for taking a certain business decision.

The strategy challenge will be exploring a decision-making process within a company, related to their products or services and whether they would deliver a competitive advantage. The strategic decision will apply different types of analyses to determine if a particular decision is worth following or not. Some approaches you might use are SWOT, PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces.


As a first in 2019, the UCL Business Game will put extra emphasis on the Entrepreneurship Challenge, the sole challenge of Day 2. The Entrepreneurship Challenge will test your ability to think like a startup, analyse factors impacting a launch and demonstrate your understanding of relevant consumer wants and needs. The Entrepreneurship Challenge will also include a technical element (suitable for all non-technical degree backgrounds) that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the impact of technology in industries and disruptive business models. In your team, you will have to pitch on a provided startup idea to the panel of industry judges.

How: Randomly formed teams of 4
Preparation: Briefing at beginning of the case
Format: 2h30min preparation time, 5min presentation

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