The UCL Business Game collaborates with partners to give participants the best opportunity and learning experience possible.

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Finance Challenge Partner

Credit Suisse is a global financial services leader in wealth management with specialization in investment banking. Being based in Switzerland, a major financial hub, Credit Suisse has over 160 years of experience and growth. Joining us at the UCL Business Game 2019 will be Roxana Aldulea, a UCL School of Management Alumni who has turned her summer internship into a full-time role at the company.

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Strategy Challenge Partner

As global leaders in professional and strategic consulting, EY-Parthenon are committed to bringing unconventional and pragmatic thinking together, to make a real impact on today’s business environment. We are happy to welcome back Alex Draper and his team this year to introduce even more participants to the company and applications,

Entrepreneurship Challenge Partner

Amazon is a global leader in technology that continues to innovate through working with smart, passionate people and building new products with their customers at the forefront of every decision.


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UCL School of Management

Providing a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees, the UCL School of Management is a reputable business school in one of the world's leading universities. Programmes range from management, entrepreneurship, information management for business, management science and business analytics. With a graduate campus location on Level 38 at One Canary Square in Canary Wharf, the School of Management aims to bring students directly to top employer locations.


Partner Company Introduction


Partners have the opportunity to introduce their company and main industry involvements to the participants. Along with information about the company's operations in London and globally, partners also give an overview of available internships, graduate jobs and other roles that will be of interest to participants looking to make their next career move.



Participants highly value professional feedback, which is why the UCL Business Game gives partners control of judging submissions for presentations, and making a final decision on the winner. The UCL Business Game also gives participants the unique opportunity of receiving feedback on their presentation and performance from leading industry professionals.



The event is a great opportunity to network with companies from a variety of industries. Partners can give better insights into the company culture and provide exposure to what their roles are like. Additionally, participants can find out more about available opportunities.

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